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The term ‘Food’ has evolved with respect to time just like technology. It is a mere basic need for few, to some it becomes an object of exploration and to some, like us, food means love, a contentment thatgoes beyond words to claim. Some indulge in it with pleasure while some indulge in it with good healthiness. Certain foods make you glow while some make a companion in your low. A new place equals a new and unique culture, and culture is automatically linked to food as well. What if you could read food? Read everything about it and understand from where it came, how it is made, what is in it with respect to health, with respect to emotion, with respect to a culture? What if all of this were made into a food world and given access for you to read? If food is all that you relate to like a world, then FoodRead is the place for you. A place where the best food bloggers present their food journeys to you. A place from where you could get to know which eatery is the best place to try the local flavors as you travel. We, here at FoodRead, try to give you the leads on the best food experience right from the street stalls to the major starred restaurants. Even the health conscious souls out there aren’t at loss, for they too will benefit from FoodRead as we have some health conscious foodies in our team dedicated to just that. So, come and read this world of ours, that we have cultivated for all forms of food enthusiasts out there. Learn to travel, explore, celebrate food, all at one place by doing just one thing, that is, “FoodRead”!!!


Write-up by : Shivani Kakhandki

Picture by : Sahil Sabharwal

P.S. Shivani and Sahil are FoodRead members and their introduction with social media links will be provided in the upcoming posts. Stay tuned !

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  1. Ashmita January 3, 2018 at 11:56 am #

    Super excited!!

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