Featuring FoodRead Member : Karan Bansal

A CA by profession and a foodie at heart, Karanis majorly an instagrammer and a Zomato reviewer. Here below is a short interview with this fab foodie and the link to his intagram feed.

Give a short into about yourself.

My name is Karan Bansal and I am currently residing in Chandigarh. I am pursuing a career in Chartered Accountancy while I work as a Tax Consultant. I don’t travel as much as I like to, I love reading Novels and writing Poems and I am very fond of trying all kinds of Food especially Non Veg.

What motivated you to enter into the world of Food Blogging?

I was always fond of Food, binging on unlimited buffets and what not. Instagram provided me the right space where I could share my experiences and also opened doors for honing my writing skills.

Which is your favourite Cuisine and your favourite Restaurant?

My favourite Cuisine is Italian. It would not be wrong to say that I am obsessed with Pastas, Pizzas and Basil. As such, my favourite Restaurant is Pizza Express.

What intrigued you to join this collaboration?

I believe when more people with a common goal join hands towards that objective, then that objective can be achieved in a more effective and efficient manner. With that hope in mind, I decided to join the collaboration.

How do you think you can be beneficial to our Project?

I think, whatever little knowledge I have about food, I can very well pen down the same and bring matter to the table that the audience will connect with and be willing to be engaged in.

What do you intend to gain out of this entire experience?

More food, more information about food and food joints and personal growth.

Do you like Cooking or Eating or Both? Care to share your favourite/popular dish, if you cook?

I love Cooking as much as I love Eating. My most popular dish remains to be the Rahra Mutton.

With the rise in no. of restaurants and the increasing trend of eating out, do you think homemade food has lost it’s importance or, on the contrary, it has got us one step closer to our Traditional and Global Food Culture?

Homemade Food is the foundation to our love for food and it is irreplaceable. With that being said, the hiking trend has helped put Indian Food on the World Map in much more enigmatic and elaborate manner.

How do you judge an Eating Point?

From the Ambience, to the Service, to the presentation of the Food and then to the Taste,  the Taste of the Food being the most important factor, I take everything into consideration and rate a Restaurant accordingly.

What is your Life Mantra?

“Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You”


Do check Karan’s Instagram profile at https://www.instagram.com/famished4ever/


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